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Welcome to the Academy

The Academy of Astrology is dedicated to the in-depth and rigorous study of Traditional Astrology. Its objective is to prepare professional astrologers and to contribute to the development of astrological knowledge.

Its main activities are teaching, counseling, research and the dissemination of Astrology.

The Academy is run by Helena Avelar and Luís Ribeiro, professional astrologers and researchers. It aims to contribute to the responsible, structured and well-grounded practice of Astrology in the area of consultation as well as in teaching and investigation.


Do Regicídio à República

On the Heavenly Spheres
A Treatise on Traditional Astrology

It is with great pleasure that we present our book: On the Heavenly Spheres, a comprehensive guide into the Astrological Tradition. This book results from years of research and practice of the Tradition and offers the student a solid and coherent approach to Astrology.

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Book on the Seven Ages of the World, Simon Marmion (1425-1489)

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