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In English:

On the Heavenly Spheres
A Treatise on Traditional Astrology

It is with great pleasure that we present our book: On the Heavenly Spheres, a comprehensive guide into the Astrological Tradition. This book results from years of research and practice of the Tradition and offers the student a solid and coherent approach to Astrology.

We thank Maria João Mateus for her great work in translating this book into English, and our publisher.

Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers
ISBN: 978-0-86690609-8

Available on Amazon and astrological bookstores.


List of contents:

Chapter 1: Astrology
Chapter 2: The Universe According to Astrology
Chapter 3: The Astrological Chart
Chapter 4: The Planets
Chapter 5: The Zodiac and the Signs
Chapter 6: The Essential Dignities
Chapter 7: The Houses
Chapter 8: The Aspects
Chapter 9: Chart Dynamics
Chapter 10: The Conditions of the Planets
Chapter 11: Lunar Nodes
Chapter 12: The Fixed Stars
Chapter 13: The Parts
Chapter 14: The Power of the Planets
Appendix 1: The Astrological Symbols
Appendix 2: The Modern Planets
Appendix 3: Minor Dignities, Zodiacal Degrees and Additional Tables
Appendix 4: Additional Considerations Concerning the Houses
Appendix 5: Minor Aspects and Aspect Configurations
Appendix 6: The Planetary Hours
Appendix 7: Astrological Chart Calculations
Addendum: The Basics of Chart Delineation

In Portuguese:
  Tratado das Esferas (Treatise of the Spheres)
July 2007
A comprehensive, manual on the practice of the Western Predictive Tradition.

Astrologia Real (Royal Astrology), 2004
An extensive historical research presenting the birth data and charts of the kings and queens of Portugal with astrological interpretations from the Traditional perspective

  Vamos Falar de Astrologia (Let’s Talk about Astrology), 2003
A book answering 110 frequently asked questions about interpretation, history, astronomy, counselling and ethics in the astrological field


© Copyright 2011, Helena Avelar & Luís Ribeiro