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The Academy offers several teaching activities on traditional astrology.
Enhance your astrological skills through practical and useful lectures, workshops and seminars

Any of the following topics can be adapted for the following formats:
- Weekend seminar (2 days – 12 hours)
- One day workshop (6 hours)
- Mini-workshop (half day – 3 hours)
- Lecture

These and other topics can be adapted to fit the requirements of your group or organization.
Please contact us for further details

wsp The Native in the Nativity
Psychological Delineation in Traditional Astrology
wsp Revolutions of the Art
Applying and combining traditional predictive techniques
wsp Constructing the Perfect Chart
Fundamental rules and practical tips to work with Astrological Elections
wsp Moon and Mercury: the keys of counseling
Enhacing the communication between astrologer and client
wsp Profections: a practical guide
A practical and straightforward presentation of this ancient method
wsp Prosperity: an astrological perspective
Promises of success and fulfilment in the natal chart
wsp Conquest and Victory – power dynamics in the natal chart
A comprehensive study of Mars in the Nativity
wsp Warrior, trader or artist?
Discovering your predisposition towards career
wsp Sexual behaviour in a nativity: a traditional perspective
A study of relationship and sexual dynamics in natal charts
wsp Predicting with Astrology
Examples of traditional astrological practice in natal, mundane and horary astrology
wsp Under the power of the Sun
Combustion, beams and cazimi applied to the horoscope
wsp Between a Rock and a Hard place
Besiegement and Similar Conditions in Astrological Delineation

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