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Astrological Readings

An astrological reading provides valuable information for the adequate management of all areas of life. Likewise, the correct application of predictive techniques offers a greater understanding of future tendencies, allowing the client to make the best choices.

The Academy astrologers offer four types of readings.

Natal Astrology: a comprehensive study of personal dynamics
Synastry: analysis of relationship dynamics (two or more persons)
Horary Astrology: answer to a specific question, situation or problem
Astrological Election: choice of an adequate moment to start a project

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natal Natal Astrology Reading
by Helena Avelar or Luís Ribeiro

Interpretation of the natal chart, studying the individual potential and motivations, as well as behaviour patterns.
It also includes the study of relationship dynamics, personal management and development, life goals, career and learning skills.
Present moment dynamics and the main lines of development.

Data required: date, time and place of birth (time should be as exact as possible)

  Cost: 75€
Length: 1 hour
Modalities: by phone*, skype or in person (if possible)
Sample reading      

Sinastry Relationship Study (Synastry)
by Helena Avelar

Study of two individual horoscopes, followed by a chart comparison.
The relationship as a shared project between two individual dynamics. This reading compares the relationship dynamics of the two partners (romantic or otherwise), studying their compatibility, strong points and difficulties. It also takes in account the current present moment and how it affects the relationship

Data required: the birth data (date, time and place) of the couple
For the study of groups (three or more) please contact us

  Cost: 90 €
Length: 1 hour
Modalities: by phone*, skype or in person (if possible)
Sample reading      

Horary Horary Astrology Reading
by Luís Ribeiro

The answer to a specific question, based on the chart of the moment the question is presented to the astrologer.
It encompasses all areas of life: relationships, career, lost animals or items, sales or purchases, travel, exams, etc.

Requirements for an horary consultation:
- the question must be clear in the querent’s mind when contacting the astrologer
- it must be directly related to the querent
- it must be clearly formulated in order to obtain a clear answer

  Cost: 50€ (per question)
Modalities: by e-mail, phone* or skype

Elections Astrological Elections
by Luís Ribeiro

Give your projects the best possible start .
Find the best moment to iniciate all kinds of activities. Within a specific timeframe we can select the best date and time to begin a business, make a proposal, announce an event, etc.

Data required: nature of the event, timeframe for the event, birth data (date, time and place) of the consultant.

  Cost: 60€
Modalities: by e-mail, phone* or skype
Sample election      

* the phone call is the responsabilty of the consultant (back)
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